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Здравейте, това е информационна база-данни на зараждането и създаването на еърсофта в България.
Към настоящият момент, този форум се ползва само като национален архив, а основната част на дискусиите са преместени в facebook. Поздрави,

Автор Тема: Преводи  (Прочетена 1934 пъти)


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« -: октомври 31, 2012, 15:51:23 pm »

KJ Works KP06 HI-CAPA Airsoft Pistol

Special features on this gun include a longer slide, frame and barrel for better accuracy,
a textured grip for better friction hold, and fiber optic sights for a better sight picture in low light environments.
This Hi-Capa KP-06 KJ Works variant of the 1911 Hi-Capa comes with a special red nozzle installed
denoting that it is CO2 ready right out of the box. It comes with a green gas magazine,
but a C02 magazine is available for it.

Quick Overview
-- Full Metal Construction
-- Semi-Auto Gas Blow Back System
-- Green fluorescent rear & front sight
-- Long Under Rail for accessory attachment
-- Metal made Silver Magazine Well Lip
--Stylish Waffle Type plastic grip for firm holding
--Green fluorescent Metal Front & Rear Sight
--Full Metal Lower Frame Body with RIS rail for tactical laser & flashlight attachment

Technical Specifications:
Product Brand: KJ Works
Hop-Up: Adjustable
Color:  Matt Black
Weight:  1,194 g
Length:  250.0 mm
Magazine Capacity: 31 rds
FPS: 300- 330.0 fps
Power Source:  Green Gas / C02 (Green Gas is included)
Blowback: Yes
Shooting Mode: Semi /Automatic
Manufacturer: KJ Works

Package Includes   
-KJW KP-06 HI-CAPA Airsoft Pistol
-Green gaz magazine
-Small box with 0,20 BB`s
-Catalogue and instructions
The order history

I wanted to own a airsoft gun, especially for IPSC and ordered a model KJW KP-06 from за сумата от 90 US.

The parcel arrived in the expected and estimated period of 14 days directly at Customs.
The parcel was carefully packed and the inner part of the box was reinforced with soft
foaming which really impressed me.

The box 

In fact what you receive is a smart cardboard-stereo pore box from KJW- "KJ Works KP06".
The box arrived neatly packed and wrapped with cellophane. Once opened inside you find several commercials,
a catalogue with KJW products and operation instructions. The catalogue is really cool, printed on nice paper
and is full of really nice pictures of the whole spectrum of KJW handguns. The operation instructions include
some funny Chinese warnings, but they are of use only if you have an airsoft handgun for the first time.
The instructions are in good English and provide adequate photos.
Unfortunately I looked for, but couldn’t find any targets as well as a certificate
for initial testing for speed and accuracy.

Additional contents 

The BB-s that you receive are quite good. They are not of the type that you receive
with other guns and don’t have scars on the surface. They are shiny and you receive about 200,
which are probably enough for initial testing. The box includes a hexagonal spanner which
is used for foresight correction. It is super thin and you should take care not to loose it.
I secured mine to the box with bullets with tape.

Outer appearance

The outer appearance of the KP-06 is excellent. The finish of the gun is ideal and doesn’t
have any scars or scratches on the body. The pistol frame is primarily metal with a quality
finish in a nice black matt colour.

The hammer, the trigger and the funnel are metal in a nice silver colour. 
The screws on the handle are hexagonal, neatly polished, clean and in perfect shape. 
The muscle safety bolt works smoothly. The button for releasing the clip is situated for the right thumb,
pleasantly protruded and easy to operate.

The handle is comfortable and is made from ABS, embossed with vertical lines.
Through time it may be exchanged with another with a different colour or with a Magwell/WE/Guarder,
but initially it’s quite comfortable and reliable.

The trigger moves smoothly and has a relatively short float. It has two additionally dug out holes,
as well as grooves on the front and a small screw at the bottom for corrections.
There is no need for adjustments. The opening for the trigger is quite comfortable use with gloves.

The sights are situated precisely and have not been tampered. My initial opinion is that the two rear
fiber threads are lighted as compared to the single front one which is somewhat hazy, due to the fact
that the front part lacks lighting. Through time it’s possible to deprive it with a millimeter or so in order
to acquire better aim.

The barrel and the auto re-coil spring are in silver colored metal. Fortunately there is no orange coloring
at the end of the barrel. ". 45 ACP" is engraved on the ejector. The pistol frame allows additional
equipment to be installed, such as a dot sight, flashlight and laser point.

The magazine is also polished in shiny black. The outside is smooth and the bottom
is rounded and shock-proof,and is reinforced, making it more reliable in situations,
like falling and extreme re-loading.


Red camera says a lot. A simultaneous use green gas or CO2, with a high degree of strength.
This is for me probably the biggest plus of this series airsoft guns, as they provide a real opportunity
Charging through the tube with gas or momentary use of a CO2 bottle. The latter is presented with
two powerful ideas during extended target shooting. But you have to buy a second magazine,
especially for CO2 bottles.



As a whole the handgun loaded with the magazine is ideally balanced.
The thickened handle fills the hand and the fiber-optic threads ensure fast and accurate aiming.
I'm really impressed with my new acquisition and will use it with fun.
Maybe in the future I'll purchase a doctor dot sight for additional luxury as well
as an IPSC belt for fast shooting, but until then I'll  .....continue training.


KJ KP06 Chrono
« Последна редакция: ноември 06, 2012, 20:51:07 pm от Me4u »
Д-р Мечков Лечителят
психиатричен гинеколог на свободна практика;
лекува всякакви форумни заболявания


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Re: Преводи
« Отговор #1 -: октомври 31, 2012, 20:35:16 pm »

Very well done ;) tomorrow you will have the chrono video ;)


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Re: Преводи
« Отговор #2 -: ноември 06, 2012, 20:53:39 pm »

Yesterday is tommorow.  ;D
First attempt - directly from the box.
Д-р Мечков Лечителят
психиатричен гинеколог на свободна практика;
лекува всякакви форумни заболявания

Joro Irl

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Re: Преводи
« Отговор #3 -: ноември 06, 2012, 21:17:17 pm »

Абе не че нещо, ама като ще пишете на разни странни езици, напишете и заглавието на раздела със същия странен език, щот чужденците ще се объркат.  :10x