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Здравейте, това е информационна база-данни на зараждането и създаването на еърсофта в България.
Към настоящият момент, този форум се ползва само като национален архив, а основната част на дискусиите са преместени в facebook. Поздрави,

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I'm in very unpleasant position to inform you that the game must be canceled due to weather condition.
It's raining very heavily for 2 days now and the forecast is not good for the next days also.
We've visit the game field today.
The route to the field has a lot of mud and no way cars will make it to the spot.
We are very sorry about this situation.
Hope you'll understand.
Sorry again for any inconvenience.

*Kind Reminder* - whoever still haven't sent the names for the invitation, pls do until this Sunday (6/3/2016). After that the list of players will be closed.

Urgent anouncement!!

Because of Northern Greece Motocross Championship at this gamefield, we'll have to move the date of the game two weeks after the initial date (new date is 13/3/2016).
We found out about it just yesterday.   :(
So sorry about that.
Pls check again the new date.
We really hope you all can make it to the new date.

Can we use bulgarian splinter camo as RUssian uniform?


No problem.

Hi again! Thanks for this info.

I'm sorry to ask again but what about Vegetato and A-tacs? Which side are they for?
Just to be sure what we can bring because our team just spent lots of money on new camouflage pattern.

Best Regards!  :)


Just be ok with the headgear as demanded in initial post and we'll work it out for you to be on Russian side.

Invitations are needed for border police, only to show them where are you going and what are the AEGs, that you have. Normally there will be no baggage check at the borders, but if there will be, the police would want to know what are those things, looking like AKs and M4s, you have with you. The invitation will show where are you going and what's the point of it. Also I will upload a Gun Law here for you to print. In Greece the AEGs are considered as air weapons and there is no need to have a license for them. You must be at least 18 y.o. and to carry them in cases/bags, with AEG, batteries and magazines in separate spots. I don't need to tell you that it's strictly prohibited to show the guns a public places. :)

Still IMPORTANT: For invitations we will need the name of every club/team, that will participate in this game (e.g. "Хиените", "Орловци", "Bad Company" etc.) in English. For individual players, we will need a name, surname and the town you leave (you can send these in p.m. to me). The "deadline" for this info is Sunday 6/3/2016 (one week before the event).
The invitations will be uploaded here (for individual players will be sent by p.m.), so you could download and print them.

*As I will be a leader for the Russian side, it would be better if all Bulgarian players would participate with Russians (complying to the demanded dresscode) for a smoother gameplay. The missions will be similar for both sides.

Bad news, guys.. Our board did not passed the tolerance of 10fps, even if a player would use only semi. As I've mentioned before, our real limit is 400fps and the 420fps is the maximum, because of +/-5% of different chronographs. Sorry again, but there is nothing I can do about it, so as written in the initial post, any weapon above those limits will be disqualified.   

IMPORTANT: For invitations we will need the name of every club/team, that will participate in this game (e.g. "Хиените", "Орловци", "Bad Company" etc.) in English.
The invitations will be uploaded here, so you could download and print them.

The terrain can be seen in game description ( HD image where a light blue shadow shows the borders, the Google Maps link).

About the fps: the general rule for fps at our community is 400fps for AEGs at woodland. The 420fps limit came from tolerance of +/-5% because of different chronographs. So there is already a tolerance for this limit. I'll talk to our board  representatives, but I can't assure you yet, that AEGs above 420fps will be allowed. We have a meeting this Sunday, so Monday I'll have news for this issue. ;)

Hello, we want to come to this game but:
1. Think of an option we can use our carbines with speed between 110-130 m/ s. Otherwise we can not participate.
2. Not all in our team have low cap and mid cap magazine. The players are new. Recently they spent a lot of money on equipment and carbines.
Think of some compromises on this point.
We want to come to your game but have in mind this problems I mention above.
If this rules are not under editing, we can make the game with us. I will organize everything if you confirm me your coming to it.
Hope to have a game together and have fun.
Good luck with the organization of this event.  :9:0
Hi, Skipper.
1. The limit for AEGs is 420fps = 128mps. Are your AEGs really tuned to the edge of your games max levels (130mps)? I guess not, for you not to be disqualified at your own games, right? ;) I'm sure your AEGs are not 130mps, but a few mps lower. So with any AEG that is 128mps and lower, you can participate just fine. :)
2. The rule of mid/low caps is very strict here :( Can't do nothing about it. For over 3 years all our games (even the small everyday games) are played with midcaps, sorry.

Thanks for the cheer up! :) Looking forward to participate at your game. We loved the games we had in Bulgaria.  :9:1


*A 6 hour game near Thessaloniki Greece.
**Our first game without a lined scenario. 2 bases, different missions given to squads.
***This game is an "intro" for our 12 hour game in April.
After the end of the Cold War, America spread out to the rest of the world without any hindrance.
But it's greatest opposing force, Russia, started to recover at quick pace, after Vladimir Putin came into power.
The west, in an attempt to secure a foothold for a quick invasion should the need arise, is slowly increasing its
influence in the surrounding countries, with Russia following the same path.

Somewhere near Ukraine...
By order of the United Nations, troops are now stationed in two bases, comprised of garrisons by the US and Russia respectively.
The general outline to the outside world, is that the two super powers co-exist in harmony and bring peace to the destabilized area.
But that's far from the truth...

Two bases..
Recon missions..
VIP escort missions..
Med evac..
And much more.

Teams will be split based on camouflage patterns
USA: All USA type camouflage patterns and civilian clothing (except OD coveralls/clothing)
Baseball caps and helmets ONLY

Russia : All Russian camouflage patterns, greek lizard and OD coveralls/clothing.
All other types of headwear (Boonie hats, Balaclavas, Shemaghs)

**OBLIGATORY THINGS (No permittance without these!)**
1)One wrap of white cloth or a bandage for medic usage.
2)Red rag/hat to show you're hit
3)Midcap, lowcap or realcap magazines for all AEGs, except machineguns, which can use drums. No high caps!
4)A watch.
5)Your best behavior.

Medic and Respawn rules
1 out of 10 players, is a medic and will be identified by a red armband provided by the organizers.
1st hit-> Properly apply and tie the bandage / wrap to the hit player.
2nd hit -> Return to your base respawn point.

Bleed out rule : Every player will check the time when he is hit. If he is not revived by a medic within 5 minutes,
he returns to his base respawn point.

Velocity, energy limits and minimum engagement distance.

AEG/GBB/Support -> 420 FPS measured with 0,2g bb (1,64J) - 15 meters or more
DMR -> 450 FPS measuredwith 0,2g bb (1,88J) - 20 meters or more
Bolt action -> 550 FPS measured with 0,2g bb - 25 meters or more
Side arm -> 320 FPS measured with 0,2g bb (0,95J) - 1 meter or more

There is ZERO fps tolerance, as these are the MAXIMUM limits. Any weapon above those limits will be disqualified.
The weapons will be measured using 0,2gram bbs by the organizers, with hop up zeroed for flat trajectory.

A DMR is what is also considered a marksman rifle in real steel firearms, and may only fire in semi-auto.
In other words, putting a scope in a rifle doesn't make it a DMR.
Drum magazines can only be used by machine guns. That is, an M4 or an AK cannot use drum magazines,
only replicas of machine guns, like M249, RPK etc.

Gathering and measuring: 07:00-09:30
Game start: 10:00
Game end: 16:00

Game Field:
Route from Sofia:
Route from Plovdiv: (the route via Кърджали has 3 tolls stations 2,40€ each for sedan type cars and 6€ for buses).


The greeks will be there.. :10:4
Sory.. Will have to cancel our participation... :(

гръцко-чеченски...  ;D  ;D  ;D

Yeap! I've seen that, so we've joined this side also.  :4:5

Hey, guys. We'll be at this game too. Our first time for this kind of event. :) See you all there, old and new friends.

Many thanks from all Greek players! Very good game, field, scenario, but above all - friendly communication with all Bulgarian players! We had a hard mission, the territory is optimal for defense cover, but we tried our best. Special thanks to organizers, who gave us the opportunity to play with you again. Looking forward for many other games together!  :9:1

Greek team left the Thessaloniki. :)

Гръцките играчи ще бъдат там.

Hi all.

Our club would like to thank you for this wonderful experience!
The game was amazingly well planned and executed thanks to the gamemasters who kept it going, and kept it interesting.
We have minimal experience in milsim games, it was actually the first time for half of our team participating in a game that lasted more than 3 hours. We were physically and psychologically underprepared, even the supplies we brought were lacking and created problems along the way, but we still had one hell of a time despite the difficulties.
Our radios couldn't directly communicate with HQ, so we had to make do with a low powered PMR which meant we had to race to the nearest hill to get a message out since we were out of range, something that also gave us another incentive to cooperate with other squads.
We went paranoid when a scientist that we had to escort to the objective told us he betrayed NATO, thinking he could betray us as well while escorting him, and we were at the ready to engage in the middle of our formation while navigating through the deep woods.
These are just two examples of a lot of vivid memories and experiences we got from the game. We have nothing but the outmost respect for all the players who participated and the game organizers.
We'll have things to talk about for months, we all learned new things, how to handle situations, ideas on what to include in our own games etc.

We thank you, for a most memorable event, and hope to do it again in the future.
Hellas Airsoft Club Thessaloniki

нашата камуфлаж и съоръжения за игра..   :1:3

Hey guys!
Anyone wants to play a 12h MilSim Game @ Solun with +120 players  (20/10/2013)?
US vs Russia 
Free participation (Без такса за играта)
p.m. me for any information.  ;)
Please use GoogleTranslate.
Sorry for TheLastMomentInvitaion  :sorry :sorry :sorry

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Добра тактика. Уважение към този човек ..

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