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Здравейте, това е информационна база-данни на зараждането и създаването на еърсофта в България.
Към настоящият момент, този форум се ползва само като национален архив, а основната част на дискусиите са преместени в facebook. Поздрави,

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 -: септември 18, 2020, 18:47:28 pm 
Започната от Petrovak - Последна публикация от Petrovak
Здравейте колеги,предлагам военни неща които ще ви заинтересуват.

 -: май 12, 2020, 16:37:38 pm 
Започната от Gunfire - Последна публикация от Gunfire

We're searching for the best deals, lowering prices, increasing the range of products, and warming up the discounts to red! Join the Gunfire Warm-Up and be ready for the return of the airsoft season. Save up to 75%OFF over 3,900 products!

 -: април 18, 2020, 18:26:24 pm 
Започната от ХРИСТО - Последна публикация от ХРИСТО
Добър ден ... трябва ми помощ каква карабина да си избера ? HPA или AEG..... ще се радвам да споделите мнение :)

 -: април 01, 2020, 15:13:35 pm 
Започната от Gunfire - Последна публикация от Gunfire
It's time to welcome a new series in the EDGE™ family. It's a new chapter in the development of our products and a new standard of performance! It's time for EDGE 2.0!

One of the most anticipated replicas of this year is finally available for sale. The H-Series premiere is at the same time premiere of the EDGE™ 2.0 standard. The replicas available in this line are equipped with GATE ASTER™ unit, the new version of the quick spring change system – ESA2™, and powerful High Torque motor.

The new J-Series from Specna Arms consists of AEG replicas of the iconic family of Russian assault rifles. J-Series replicas are characterized by a very solid construction based on a full-steel receiver and steel outer barrel. The J-Series replicas are driven by the reinforced ORION V3 Gearbox with the Enter & Convert quick spring change system. Replicas are equipped with a 6.03mm precision barrel and 2 magazines.

The Winners Sale is still going on and we are adding over 350 new products! These additional days and items with discounts up to 70%OFF are a great opportunity to get ready for the upcoming season. Check out over 4000 products on sale and grab the best deals!

In the latest delivery, we received many new items. Among them are various accessories for airsoft replicas such as hop-up chambers and new types of stocks and grips.

Among 400 products you will find protective masks, pouches, vests, belts, tactical pants and more. Check out accessories available in the MC Tropic camouflage.

 -: март 14, 2020, 11:28:24 am 
Започната от Gunfire - Последна публикация от Gunfire

The Winners Sale is on! As a thank-you for your support, we are starting one of the biggest sales of this year! Over 4000 products up to 70%OFF! Among them equipment from WE, VFC, AMOEBA, FMA, Lonex, TMC and other brands. Celebrate with us and save on the desired equipment!

????The long-awaited Edge J-series™ has arrived!???????? First replicas will be available for sale in the next week, so follow our distributors!
⭐️ The J-Series™ replicas feature a very solid construction with a full-steel outer barrel and many more parts made of steel like a receiver, or a muzzle brake.
⭐️ The first batch of replicas includes classic models with wooden parts.
⭐️ J-Series™ replicas have the reinforced ORION™ V3 Gearbox with the Enter & Convert™ quick spring change system.

We’ve just added to our offer new products - Specna Arms Gun Bags V1 and V2. Bags are made of durable nylon, have a lot of functional elements, additional pockets, and foam padding that will protect our replica while carrying it. The set includes a collectors patch.

New delivery of the Bollé safety eyewear! The offer includes basic models and very professional X goggles. We also recommend kits of Mamba and Viper glasses at very attractive prices.

 -: февруари 24, 2020, 16:37:00 pm 
Започната от Gunfire - Последна публикация от Gunfire

Winter is almost over, so it's time to dust off your replica, take gear out of the closet and supply it with new elements, parts or accessories! The Winter Reload sale with deals up to 71%OFF will help you with the latter one! Find something for yourself among 2500 items!

If you want to remain unnoticed on the airsoft battlefield, good masking is essential. Camo Pen paints offer you a very simple, fast and clean application of an effective camouflage on a replica and more! Camo Pen paints are equipped with a convenient applicator with a sponge, they are suitable for coating plastics, ceramics, metals, and textile materials.

As the official LCT distributor in Poland, we want to inform you about the delivery from this manufacturer! It includes the long-awaited accessories from the Z Series! Among them are handguards, stocks, rails and other parts for replicas of AK assault rifles.

AS03 replicas are probably the shortest, serial, spring-powered sniper rifles. The whole construction is only 48 cm and weighs just over 1.5 kg! Such a short barrel will prove onself in even the tightest rooms during CQB games. The handgaurd was made of polymer reinforced with nylon fiber which creates an extremely durable construction. The replica is equipped with a bolt action system. The mid-cap, short magazine (45 BB's) feeds BB's directly into the HU chamber, which significantly reduces the frequency of jams. The use of CNC technology during production has resulted in fantastic precision and a compact, sturdy construction.

Specna Arms MTU ™ - Mini Tracer Unit is a compact sound suppressor with the function of glowing up tracer BB’s. The silencer has a built-in, efficient rechargeable battery charged using micro-USB, energy saving mode and an attached adapter for both pistols and carbines replicas.

We’ve added to the Specna Arms CORE™ offer models with PDW stocks. Products from this series are characterized by a durable and light construction. They are equipped with a solid gearbox, a precise, rotary HU chamber, and the quick spring change system- CORE™.

 -: февруари 14, 2020, 14:34:41 pm 
Започната от Antondk - Последна публикация от Меч
Какво бихте ми препоръчали за начинаещ / любител, който иска да стартира и разполага с бюджет около 500лв?
Благодаря предварително.

Бих ви препоръчал - наистина най-добрият вариант е просто един ден да намерите свободно време и да отидете на една организирана игра във вашия град, където на място да видите нещата. Всички сме минали точно по този път и така сме си спестили доста пари после.

 -: февруари 13, 2020, 15:52:20 pm 
Започната от MitakaJ9 - Последна публикация от thomas
Браво хубаво сте се насочили в този супер богат форум на информация за това прекрасно хоби.

 -: февруари 13, 2020, 15:39:50 pm 
Започната от Pecata - Последна публикация от thomas
Браво момци само така,записвайте се в армията на готиното хоби и кеФ. :9:1

 -: януари 29, 2020, 12:23:07 pm 
Започната от Pecata - Последна публикация от djikata
Привет и от мен. Казвам се Живко и съм новобранка, но с голям мерак ;D

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